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thank you for loving me and for bearing with with me these past few weeks. i’m sorry if i’ve made it seem like i don’t care. because i do. i really do. let’s talk lots after all this is over. i promise i won’t disappear on you again. and forreals this time.

i am so hungry.

i need to get out of the library now.

things to do:

  • stop coding
  • sleep
  • eat
  • talk to roommate about her singing in the shower problem. or rather, her singing in the shower and waking me up at 7am problem. godddddddddammmnnn
VK 83 by kelco on Flickr.
really intense.
A320 by kelco on Flickr.
surfer girls by kelco on Flickr.digging the green
Taylor Holland - Eurobus
glam-o-rous by kelco on Flickr.
Cecilia Paredes - Self Portaits
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this is so intricate! it almost looks like a photoshop pattern.

Lack of Content

…I successfully moved into my dorm yesterday! Aside from the paint fumes and broken floor that awaited me on Wednesday, all turned out well. I’ve yet to meet my roommate. 

Here’s a list of stuff I still need to work out before school starts:

  • Why does my phone not connect to the campus wifi network?
  • What do I do about accidentally leaving all of my tank tops at home? (that was a really bad surprise)
  • Go to the Math Dept to enroll in MAT202
  • Pick up my packages from Frist (new backpack because my sister stole my old one!) 
  • Process my last theme request
  • Answer a question in my inbox

So this is why some of my recent posts have been sub-par.

plot by kelco on Flickr.
Martine Roch - The honest man